I started this blog in hopes that others don’t get ripped off by Sigma Software Solutions Point of Sale System also known as Inventek Software.  I purchased one of their systems off eBay last year that was labeled as ‘Manufacturer Refurbished’  and received a ten plus year old ‘Seller Refurbished’ machine.   This is the machine they sent me:


For the record, here is my order information:

Purchase Date: 9/7/2013
Ordered From: eBay.com
Item Number: 290990439936
Order Number: 929763556019
Price: $399 plus $75 shipping
Sales Rep: User ‘techsigma’ on eBay
Payment Method: Credit Card through Paypal
Link to machine: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Entry-level-Point-of-Sale-System-POS-System-NEW-POS-WITH-REFURBISHED-PC-/290990439936

The seller now lists the item as ‘Seller Refurbished’ after I complained. Below is a screenshot from the old listing when I purchased it.  Under condition the product was labeled as ‘Manufacturer Refurbished’ which clearly it was not from the photo of the Dell Tower above.


Here is my correspondence via email where Sigma Software Solutions admitted their ‘mistake’.  If you’re running an eBay business you should know how to list your items.  I’m sure if I didn’t complain to eBay, the POS system would still be labeled as ‘Manufacturer Refurbished’


I complained that the machine was mislabeled and wanted a refund. Sigma Software Solutions responded that they would exchange the computer but not issue a refund. I called Jamie Marulanda at Sigma Software Solutions @ 954-449-6093 to get a refund and was screamed at on the phone that they do not issue refunds. They offered to send another machine which was not received for almost 45 days (I live in Hawaii and he sent it Parcel Post which takes a long time). This machine was broken, it turned on and said ‘Orlando Regional Healthcare’ and had no Point of Sale software installed on it.  It did have information about hospital patients.  I asked for a refund and was told they won’t offer a refund because it was more than 60 days since the original order was placed.

I’m sure they sent the broken computer to me to make sure I was out of the warranty period so they wouldn’t refund me and both eBay and Paypal wouldn’t issue me a refund.

I sent the machine back to Sigma Software Solutions and am told they did not receive my machine. The post office confirms it was delivered to this address: 5405 NW 102 Ave Bay #208 in Sunrise, FL 33351. I’ve spoken numerous times by email and phone to Jamie Marulanda at Sigma Software Solutions who keeps claiming they never received it and there’s nothing he can do.

The seller misrepresented the product on eBay, replaced it with a broken machine, and refused to issue a refund. He also says it is a BBB accredited business on his eBay ad. 

I looked up his business in the BBB directory and found that it is not accredited. http://www.bbb.org/south-east-florida/business-reviews/point-of-sale-systems/sigma-software-solutions-in-sunrise-fl-90061512 . But, in his eBay ad Sigma Software Solutions has the BBB accredited image which is just plain fraudulent.



I just want a refund for this system that was mislabeled as ‘Manufacturer Refurbished’.  The seller is a thief and I suggest that if you are in the POS market that you avoid Sigma Software Solutions like the plague.  They are a SCAM!

My attorney is in the process of retrieving my money back.   They seem to be skilled at dodging services.


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